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Fuck yeah(Requiem For A Dream)

Fuck yeah

(Requiem For A Dream)

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Fuck yeah!!!

Fuck yeah!!!

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Jesus takes the rail…

Someone liked this post very recently… and I hadn’t watched it since it was posted - so, I’m bringing it back.


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Fuck Yeah Cocaine

Anonymous said: Anyone in the newark, nj area have anything good? Looking to find something potent quickly ;)

By posting this… do I become a facilitator, a middle man or an accessory?


I can always tell I’m getting sick when my “non-cocaine” nostril gets stuffed up.

Fuck Yeah Cocaine

Anonymous said: 519-865-2402 Linda

And have Linda’s number, too.

Fuck Yeah Cocaine

Anonymous said: 416 524 1908

Here, followers… have someone’s number.



Just went to cocaine4lunch’s tumblr. She’s a proud mommy now. How quaint.


Fuck Yeah Cocaine

waitingformyhigh said: I'm just glad I finally found a legit fucking coke blog. Every other one sucks. No question here.

It’s just images and posts about cocaine… because, ya know… fuck yeah cocaine.